Healing the Water of Jericho; Elisha Is Jeered and Threatened (2 Kings 2:19 – 25)

Scripture Text:

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2 Kings 2:19 – 25

1. How do you like your water? Tap? Bottled? Babbling? Imported?

2. Who in your family is bald? Do you fear baldness? Why?

3.What might have contaminated Jericho’s water source (verse 21)?

4. What might the new bowl and the salt symbolize (see Numbers 18:19)?

5. Concerning the youths’ harassment of Elisha, what parable of judgment is enacted here and for what reason?

6. Do you ridicule people to their faces, or just behind their backs? What can you do about back-biting?

7. Is any part of your life rancid spring water? What could unleash your potential?


Additional Comment:

Bethel was a hotbed of Baal worship. And the word translated “little children” in fact refers to young people in their late teens. In other words, a large gang of teenagers was threatening a prophet’s life. Elisha cursed them, but there is no indication he actually called for a bear attack.



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