Moab Revolts (2 Kings 3)

Scripture Text:

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2 Kings 3

1. Have you ever taken a short-cut home only to get caught in delays or even lost? What happened?

2. What’s your favorite thirst-quencher?

3. Ever asked for help from a stranger? What happened? Did the episode renew or destroy your faith in human nature?

4. How was Joram (Jehoram) like his parents (verses 1 – 3)? What reforms did he institute? Why not go all the way and really clean house?

5. Prior to Ahab’s death, what was the relationship between Moab and Israel (verses 4 – 7)? What are Jehoram’s options in the face of Moab’s rebellion? What does his choice of action tell you about him?

6. Why does Jehoshaphat appear so eager to help? Has he not learned his lesson about alliances with the North (see 1 Kings 22:29 – 34)? Why not?

7. What big problem does their war strategy encounter (verse 9)? In their risky route to Moab, was this avoidable? How so? Why is it only at this point of desperation that they turn to a prophet of the Lord (verse 11)?

8. How does Elisha respond to Jehoram and to Jehoshaphat (verses 13, 14)? Why?

9. Why does Elisha want music (verse 15; see 1 Samuel 10:5, 6)?

10. How do you think Elisha’s advice will set with the soldiers awaiting relief from thirst (verses 16 – 18)? What faith must the troopers and commanders show in order to see God act on their behalf?

11. What purposes does the water fulfill (verses 22, 23)? Of what shaky alliance does the king of Moab hope to take advantage? What happens?

12. Why does the king of Moab kill his son (verse 27; see also Judges 11:30, 31)? What’s  the cost to him? To the country? What comes to the rescue – his god or his people?

13. Which is worst?

  • extracting taxes from your neighbor under military threat
  • making everyone take sides in a war
  • seeking God’s favor in a battle
  • defoliating the land as you fight
  • killing your firstborn son

14. Who did something right in this chapter?

15. Does music help you worship or pray? Why?

16. Does God still come to the aid of His people in dramatic ways? Have you experienced or witnessed it? How so?

17. In what ways do we “sacrifice” our firstborn today? Early years in day care centers? Less-than-excellent public schools? TV for a baby sitter? Material comforts over spiritual growth? Not protecting their ecological inheritance?



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