Jehoram, King of Judah (2 Chronicles 21:4 – 20)

Scripture Text:

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2 Chronicles 21:4 – 20

1. What famous bad guy is the most interesting to you: Jesse James? Darth Vader? Butch Cassidy? Dracula? Other?

2. If you could get a personal letter in return, who would you like to send a letter to: the President or King of your country? The Pope? A deceased loved one? What would the essence of your letter be?

3. What sort of person was King Jehoram? His wife? What blame must Jehoshaphat carry for the trouble of Jehoram’s reign?

4. Why doesn’t God wipe out the whole of Jehoram’s family?

5. Why did Libnah revolt? Do all the political moves in 2 Chronicles have spiritual causes?

6. What help does Elijah provide Jehoram? Is it too late for Jehoram to put his life in order? What could he do?

7. What consolation does God’s vengeance allow Jehoram?

8. How does Jehoram’s story end with the king in disgrace and dishonor?

9. In terms of forgiveness and getting right with God, how late is too late?

10. Have you  ever received a letter as authoritative as Elijah’s to Jehoram? A letter as ominous? What would your first response have been?



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