The Vision of Obadiah: Part 2 (Obadiah 15 – 21)

Scripture Text:

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Obadiah 15 – 21

1. Where is your ‘spiritual’ home? How long have you been away from there? What was your reunion like the last time you went there?

2. What experience, if any, have you or your church had in helping to relocate ‘exiles’?

3. What new parameters do you see in ‘the day of the Lord’, as used in verse 15? By what logic will it come upon Edom?

4. To whom is this word addressed? How are the house of Esau and the house of Jacob contrasted here?

5. What would Edom have drunk on Mount Zion (verse 16)? Is this drinking language meant literally or figuratively? Why do you think so (see Jeremiah 25:15, 16)? What is the message intended by this language?

6. If Edom’s allies will defeat her (verse 7), who will finish the job (verses 19 – 21)? How total will be their ultimate defeat?

7. In what ways would the return of the exiles (verses 19ff) be a social event? A political event? A theological event?

8. Just as Judah waited for the “Day of the Lord” in this passage, what “Day of the Lord” do you await?

9. In your opinion, is that day too far away to be concerned about? Or is it “right around the corner”? In either event, what are you doing and “drinking” (verse 16) in preparation for that day?

10. Who are some displaced persons today? What hope might Obadiah say to those who encouraged their displacement?

11. How would you respond if God called you to share a message like Obadiah’s with some people today? What audience might be ripe for that message? How do you think they would respond?



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