Famine In Besieged Samaria (2 Kings 6:24 – 7:2)

Scripture Text:

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2 Kings 6:24 – 7:2

1. When have you felt under siege or under the gun? Who was putting you under so much pressure? Was it your own doing or someone else?

2. What was your hungriest moment? What finally ended it?

3. Is the attack here made by the same Ben-Hadad who made peace with Ahab in 857 B. C. (see 1 Kings 20:33, 34), or by the Ben-Hadad who fought Jehoahaz in 806 or 796 B. C.  (see 1 Kings 13:3)?

4. What is implied in the king invoking the Lord’s name in verses 26 and 27? How severe is the famine (verses 28 and 29)?

5. Why does the king tear his robes upon hearing the woman’s story (verses 30 and 31)? What does the underlying sackcloth reveal (see 1 Kings 20:31)?

6. Why is he angry at Elisha? How can Elisha sit around watching the people suffer? What has probably been his advice to the king regarding the siege (verse 35)?

7. What surprise comes to the elders? To the king? To the messenger?

8. Faced with the choices of the women in this story, what is the right thing to do? Should the king have enforced the verbal contract?

9. When is “helping” a person not helping? Do some people simply have to live through their troubles in order to learn from them? Have you withheld help recently for this reason?

10. Might God be using a hard situation now to bring about a change of heart on your part? How so?



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