The Siege In Samaria Is Lifted (2 Kings 7:3 – 20)

Scripture Text:

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2 Kings 7:3 – 20

Take note of verse 6. Until a hundred years ago, the Hittites were unknown apart from the Bible. Expeditions have revealed that Boghaz-koi in Asia Minor (east of Ankara, Turkey) was the capital of the Hittite Empire.

1. Are you more of a risk taker than your friends? What one risky thing might you consider: skydiving? bungee jumping? a marriage proposal? volunteering for a foreign mission? other?

2. Have you ever made a significant discovery that you initially kept under your hat: a wallet full of cash? tickets to a game? other?

3. Do you buy the logic of the four lepers (verses 3 and 4)? Have they missed anything?

4. Did the Arameans have logic on their side when they rushed to the rear (verses 6 and 7)?

5. In what sense was it right for the lepers to eat and drink items not belonging to them (verse 8)?

  • finders-keepers
  • all’s fair in love and war
  • only hiding some of their loot was wrong

6. How does the king sort out the meaning of the good news (verse 12)? Is he being logical, playing it safe, acting in fear, or in faith? What alternatives does he miss? What risk is he willing to take? Should the officer with the plan (verse 13) be promoted to general or demoted?

7. What is the point of the trampled gate officer (verses 17 – 20)?

  • never question a prophet’s word
  • don’t let a dumb king lean on you
  • never try to control a mob of hungry citizens

8. Have you ever seen God reverse (unexpectedly) the circumstances in your life? How so? If not, would you like to see God do so? In what arena of your life?

9. Are some behaviors (like plunder and killing) fair in “love and war” that would normally be wrong? Are morals justified by circumstances?

10. Do you prefer complete answers to everything? Or are you content with some issues open-ended? What issues does this chapter leave open-ended for you?

11. This story emphasized the trustworthiness of God’s prophetic word. Where are you with regard to God’s word?

  • still leaning on my reason and trusting only that which I can figure out
  • leaning in the direction of God’s authority, but not risking too much
  • placing my full weight on it, letting it control my actions



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