Jehu Kills Jehoram and Ahaziah (2 Kings 9:14 – 29; 2 Chronicles 22:7)

Scripture Text:

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2 Kings 9:14 – 29

1. Can your spouse or roommate tell what kind of day you’ve had just by the way you walk into the house? How so?

2. Have you ever tried to keep good news secret? How long?

3. If Jehu has just been anointed king (chapter 9:1 – 13), why does he need to conspire against Jehoram/Joram (verse 14)?  Is Jehu reluctant to accept kingship? Does he want a peoples’ mandate, a bloodless coup or what?

4. Why the secrecy about the news (verse 15b)? Who might profit from communicating with Jehoram/Joram?

5. How can the lookout tell whose troops approached and what their intent is (verses 17 – 20)? What happens to the two messengers from Jezreel and why? Do they know what Jehu is up to?

6. Aren’t Jehoram and Ahaziah a bit brash to explore Jehu’s motives in person (verse 21)? Is Jehoram supposed to be licking his wounds?

7. Was peace between Jehoram/Joram and Jehu at all possible, or even desirable? Why?

8. How does Jehu justify killing his commander and king (verses 25, 26; 1 Kings 21:18 – 24)? How far in political savvy has the nation’s leadership come since David refused on principle to kill Saul?

9. Why is Ahaziah also a target (verse 27)? Is Jehu truly a “madman” (verse 20) going too far? Or is he fulfilling God’s will? Or both?

10. Why such a dishonorable end for Jehoram/Joram? Should the son pay for the sins of the father? Why?

11. Is treason sometimes okay? Under what circumstances? With what support? What are the risks? Does the driving force of revolution help leaders perform more benevolently or viciously?

12. The people rallied around Jehu before knowing what kind of king he would be. Have you ever done that with a public official whom you later regretted choosing?

13. What’s the cause of the troubles you face?

14. Is there a role for righteous madmen today (like the prophet and Jehu)? Can you exhibit wild abandon for the Lord? How so? Do you?



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