Ahab’s Family Is Killed (2 Kings 10:1 – 17; 2 Chronicles 22:8, 9)

Scripture Text:

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2 Kings 10:1 – 17

Jehu’s bold attacks against the princes of Judah had serious consequences. Although God had chosen Jehu to purge Israel, the Bible makes it clear that his violence went far beyond his original assignment. God Himself condemns Jehu in Hosea 1:4.

1. Have you ever been at a cattle roundup? Did you feel sorry for the animals getting branded, dehorned, castrated and slaughtered? Why?

2. Who among your friends is the “hyper” type? When is “hyperness” helpful? When does it need a bucket of cold water?

3. To consolidate power, what must Jehu do? What choices are available to him? What choices does Jehu give the elders of Samaria (verses 1 – 3)?

4. Why don’t the Samaritan leaders negotiate a compromise or take advantage of the city’s unique fortifications? How has their fear blinded them to their options and to the ways of Jehu?

5. What two meanings could Jehu’s second letter to Samaria have (verse 6)? How do the Samaritans interpret it?

6. How could foster parents act so brutally toward their children apparently without a single dissenter (verse 7)? Is this what Jehu had in mind (verse 9)? Why does he pile the heads at the gate?

7. Is Jehu’s rampage what Elijah had in mind (verses 10, 11; see also 1 Kings 21:21)? Could less bloodshed still have achieved his goals?

8. Why are the 42 visitors killed (verses 12 – 14)? Why is Jehonadab spared and favored (verse 15)?

9. How does Jehu describe his purge (verse 16)? How do you think others might describe it?

10. What would you have done if you were raising Joram’s children?

11. What does “zeal for the Lord” (verse 16) mean today? How is it expressed? How can zeal get a person into trouble? How can zeal cloud good judgment? How can “good judgment” squelch zeal?

12. Is anyone completely “right” when they use violence?


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