The Ministers of Baal Are Killed (2 Kings 10:18 – 36)

Scripture Text:

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2 Kings 10:18 – 36

1. Allow yourself to brag by completing this sentence comparing you to your father: “My father did ______________ a little; I will do that same thing much more” (often, bigger or better). How do you account for the difference?

2. Can you really be sure of what Jehu is up to (verses 18 and 19)? How would the followers of Yahweh feel when Jehu declares his passion for Baal? How would the worshipers of Baal feel?

3. What logic compels the Baal priest to attend the burnt offering (verses 20 – 22)? How does Jehu add luster to his deception as the priests gather?

4. How old a custom is getting dressed up for worship (see Genesis 35:2, 3)?

5. Why should the priests be suspicious at Jehu’s request that they look out for intruders (verse 23)? What about Jehu would make the 80 posted guards especially vicious that day (verse 24)?

6. What about Jehu’s deception and the guards’ demolition work seem excessive (verses 25 – 27)?

7. In verses 28 – 31, what about this is commendable to God? Is criticized by God? Why didn’t Jehu go all the way in this arena as well? Of what excessive zeal, private sins and compromised conscious is he guilty (see 1 Kings 12:28 – 30; Hosea 1:4)?

8. Do you buy Jehu’s “zeal for the Lord” (chapter 10 verse 16)? What is he really zealous for?

9. Is covert action okay? Should honest alternatives take priority over complex plots and deceptive means?

10. Do true worshipers seem less forceful today than in Jehu’s time? What’s the modern equivalent of Jehu’s purge in the church?


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