Athaliah and Joash (2 Kings 11; 2 Chronicles 22:10 – 23:21)

Scripture Text:

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2 Kings 11

2 Chronicles 22:10 – 23:21

1. What age were you when your peers or parents gave you your first significant vote of confidence? For example, when were you first given household chores? An allowance? The car? An elected office?

2. What difference does age make in your vote for national candidates?

3. Where was your “secret hiding place” when you were 10 years old? Did anyone ever discover it?

4. What would it take to get you to join a revolution? Would you be forever loyal to the government, a revolutionary (fighter for independence) or a fence-sitter? Why?

5. What was Athaliah’s plan for herself after the death of her son? What does this tell you about her character? If she had been successful in her scheme, what would have happened to God’s covenant with King David?

6. How was Athaliah’s scheme thwarted? Who were the principal actors in this drama? What might have motivated each?

7. What was Jehoiada’s plan for anointing Joash as king of Judah? Why did he rely so much on the priests and Levites for help? Would you have wanted to take part in this coup?

8. How did Athaliah learn about the coup? What was her reaction? Does it sound to you as if she is popular? Tolerated? Hated?

9. How did Queen Athaliah meet her fate? Where? What immediate impact did her death have? Do these results justify her killing?

10. With Athaliah dead and King Joash only a boy, who really made the decisions in Jerusalem? What kinds of things did he do to insure proper rule and worship? Which of his qualities do you admire?

11. Where do you think God needs to raise up a modern Jehoiada to show his strength?

12. Should we ever involve ourselves in violent revolutions? If yes, when? If no, why not?

13. What is the balance between “trusting the Lord” and “taking matters in your own hands” as a Christian? How does this story help you decide?

14. Do you have a covenant with God and other people? Or do you prefer private faith? What’s the good and bad of each?

15. Who is as vicious today as Athaliah? What makes them so? Who is as courageous today as Jehosheba and Jehoiada? What builds such courage?

16. What covenants of responsibility and privilege have you been given: As a child? Teenager? Adult? What covenants have you in turn entered into with others?

17. What turning points (protective custodians, godly influences, popular mandates) have made your life radically different that if it were not for these agents of God?

18. Was Mattan just in the wrong place at the wrong time? Would he be allowed to live in the year 2014? Why? Is our “religious pluralism” defined as “anything that makes people feel good”? What does that exclude?


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