A Call to Repentance/Lamentation (Joel 1:13 – 20)

Scripture Text:

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Joel 1:13 – 20

1. What social statement are you making with the clothes your wear? Dressed to kill? Out of it? In charge?

2. If the clothes you have on were all made of burlap, how would you feel?

3. What is Joel calling the priests to do? Likewise, the elders? Why fast and pray (see Leviticus 16:29)?

4. What is the link between their current famine and the future “Day of the Lord” (verses 14 and 15)? From Amos 5:18ff, what else might Joel be associating withe this day when the Lord is clear vindicated and manifest in earthly history? What does “the Lord’s Day” mean today?

5. How does Joel depict this drought-stricken land (verses 16 – 20)? What is the point of picturing God as the Lord of plants and animals, land and water?

6. If locust consume all that is edible, and fire destroys what remains, where then is hope (verses 16, 19)?

7. Do you know of any community or church gathering to cry out to God when resources have dried up? What purposes do such gatherings fulfill?

8. When have you felt like your resources (spiritual, financial, physical) were drying up or burnt out? Did you or could you cry out to God? Why or why not? What happened?



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