An Army of Locusts (Joel 2:1 – 11)

Scripture Text:

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Joel 2:1 – 11

1. What does it take to rouse you from sleep?

2. What memories of waking up do you have from camping days?

3. What is the funniest or most embarrassing consequence of your sleeping through an alarm?

4. How are the images of this army like (and unlike) the army of locusts that previously invaded the land (Joel chapter 1)? How are these images like human invaders? How are they larger than life, taking on theological meaning?

5. How do these poetic images engage and exhaust all five senses to understand them?

6. What might the trumpet (verse 1) signify? Call to fast? Call to action? Call of the Lord’s coming? Or what?

7. Since his people have just experienced a locust plague and ensuing famine, why do you think Joel is dwelling on this theme of the coming “Day of the Lord”?

8. Who is at the head of this army? What does that mean?

9. How do you respond to the image of the Lord as the head of a destructive army? What jolts your senses about that?

10. If Joel were a street preacher in your community trumpeting this message about the coming “Day of the Lord”, what would be the response from the people? From you?

11. Each of us may be part of the Lord’s army (maybe not in the way described here). When, if ever, have you sensed God’s call to battle? With what or whom?

12. How does one endure the coming Day of the Lord (verse 11)? What feelings do you have about that day? Are they mixed?



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