The LORD’s Answer (Joel 2:18 – 27)

Scripture Text:

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Joel 2:18 – 27

1. Are your parents or spouse the “jealous” kind? What are they jealous about? When does their jealously seem redemptive?

2. What people or situations arouse your pity? Why?

3. When have you seen nature “rejoice”? What thing in “the wild” brings you the most joy?

4. To what time does “then” in verse 18 refer? Do verses 18 – 27 assume the “Day of the Lord” has come already? Or was that day averted and still to be expected? Or both? Why do you think so?

5. What does it mean that God is “jealous” for or takes “pity” on his people (see Exodus 20:5)? How can God claim and enforce such an exclusive relationship with us?

6. What specific “great things” does God do which correspond to the concrete situation of Israel (in chapter 1:1 – 20 and chapter 2:1 – 11)? What does this correspondence say about the effectiveness and completeness of God’s restoration?

7. What are some of the resulting changes in God’s people which He brings about by His zealous restoration? What is the result (verse 27) intended by God’s answer to the priests’ prayer (chapter 2:17)?

8. What does this tell you about God’s love, power and uniqueness? About God’s care for creation? For His covenant people?

9. Why do you think God responds so specifically to His people’s needs and prayers?

10. Very few want to be objects of someone else’s pity. Why would you or your church want God’s pity? Describe a time when you believe God took pity on you or your church. What current situation might call for God’s pity?

11. In your prayer life, when has God granted you a deeper “knowledge” of Himself?

12. When and why have you felt a sense of shame?

  • not knowing God was working in your life
  • enduring personal calamity
  • not living as a Christian
  • giving up too soon on God
  • giving up too soon on yourself or others

13. In these experiences, what do the promises given in verses 19 and 27 mean to you?



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