The Day of the LORD (Joel 2:28 – 32)

Scripture Text:

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Joel 2:28 – 32

1. Can you keep a secret about love? Gifts? Birthdays?

2. When is “afterward” (verse 28; see Acts 2:16ff)? Could these “last days” also include “today”? Why?

3. To Joel’s people, what is unusual about the Spirit coming upon men and women? Likewise, to the apostle Peter’s mixed audience (Acts 2:16ff)? What is unusual to you about Joel’s prophecy? Why?

4. What does the Holy Spirit do? Reveal God’s will? Renew our energy? Recast the cosmos? Redeem the survivors?

5. How does this picture of the “Day of the Lord” differ from the previous one (chapter 2:1 – 11)?

6. What is the promise here for spiritual dryness? For spiritual exclusiveness and pride? For fear? For your church? For the world?



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