Blessings For God’s People (Joel 3:17 – 21)

Scripture Text:

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Joel 3:17 – 21

1. How does the word “then” (“so”) relate this passage to the previous passages in Joel? How are God’s judgment and salvation linked? Justice and mercy? Hope and despair?

2. What message does Joel intend with the contrasting images of 3:18, 19? How is one like “Paradise Lost” and the other “Paradise Regained”? How can one event pronounce irrevocable doom and promise such as abundant blessing (see Psalm 107:33 – 36)?

3. How does the last promise (verse 21, offering forgiveness and fellowship) relate to the specific situation of Israel which prompted these oracles (chapters 1 and 2) in the first place?

4. If the presence of the Lord in Jerusalem made it holy (verse 17), then what does the Lord’s presence in your life mean? What evidence is there of this?

5. If your privacy or property has been invaded one or more times (as with Israel), what comfort do you draw from Joel? How can the fountains of God’s blessings heal the wounds inflicted by those invaders?

6. How can you imitate Joel today?



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