Joash Repairs the Temple (2 Kings 12; 2 Chronicles 24:1 – 16)

Scripture Text:

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2 Kings 12

2 Chronicles 24:1 – 16

1. Who was a personal guide or mentor during your teen years? Are you still in touch with this person?

2. Have you ever challenged authority when it ran amok? How so? Did you win?

3. Which of these organizations do you give to regularly and which not at all? Why?

  • your church
  • your alma mater school
  • a world mission
  • a conservation organization

4. From whom did you learn your most useful skills (such as: sewing, reading, speaking, gardening, driving, cooking)?

5. Whom did Joash enlist to help him in this venture? Why do you think they were hesitant to help him at first? How did Jehoiada help?

6. What’s the connection between Joash and Jehoiada?

7. Is Joash’s project worthwhile? Why doesn’t Jehoiada cooperate? Who foots the bill for the repairs? How long does it take Joash to notice the work showdown?

8. Who wins in the confrontation between Joash and Jehoiada? Any damage to the relationship? Compare the report in 2 Kings 12 and 2 Chronicles 24. What major differences do you see?

9. How did Joash plan to finance his repairs? Whose legal precedent did he appeal to (see Exodus 30:12 – 16)? What was the response of the people to his plan?

10. Was Joash naive not to require an accounting of the money? Is such trust found anywhere today?

11. How did Joash use the money he raised at the temple? The excess? Who benefitted from the extensive repair work?

12. What was Joash’s apparent weakness (2 Kings 12:17, 18; 2 Chronicles 24:17 – 25)? Why would a king so eager to rebuild the temple give so much away to a foreign tyrant?

13. Why would a king who owes his very life and throng to Jehoiada murder that priest’s son? What does Joash lose besides his treasure?

14. Why don’t the officials who kill Joash assume power?

15. What was Jehoiada’s epitaph? In your opinion, did he deserve to be buried with the kings?

16. Who is the single most influential religious figure in your life? How has he or she helped you remain faithful to God the way Jehoiada did for Joash?

17. What would excite you about giving money to a church? What turns you off?

18. How could a person whose life centered around the temple end on such a downbeat? For what apparent reasons do you see leaders (in church and state) not remaining true to their initial calling?

19. Are you a role model for someone younger than you? How do you feel about living up to their expectations? What are the pitfalls of being a mentor?

20. Are you trying to establish your independence (as did Joash, the boy king), in relation to Jehoiada? What role does God play in the process of “becoming your own person”?

21. Are you as trusting with your money as Joash was with his? When you delegate work without supervising, what happens? If you don’t inspect, what can you expect?


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