The Wickedness of Joash (2 Chronicles 24:17 – 27)

Scripture Text:

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2 Chronicles 24:17 – 27

1. When did you first feel you were “on your own” as an adult? What age were you? 16? 18? 21?

2. In verses 17 – 32, we read about the second part of Joash’s reign as king. How did it differ from the first part (when Jehoiada the priest was alive)? What does this difference say about the depth of Joash’s faith in God?

3. Following in his father’s footsteps, how did Zechariah try to call the people back to obedient faith? What happened to him because of this (compare Matthew 5:11, 13)?

4. If the repair of the temple was Joash’s major accomplishment, what was the major disaster of his reign? Why did it happen? How could it have been avoided?

5. How does Joash’s death summarize his reign? Why do you think he is left out of the list of Jesus’ ancestors in Matthew 1:8?

6. In the end, Joash’s religious reforms were only superficial. What should he have done to bring about a deeper, longer lasting revival in the people of Judah?

7. What can you do to bring about renewal in your own community? What persecution (and blessing) might you get in return?


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