Jehoahaz King of Israel (2 Kings 13:1 – 9)

Scripture Text:

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2 Kings 13:1 – 9

1. Have you ever been a loyal fan of a losing team? What’s the cost in frustration? What’s the fun of it?

2. How does Jehoahaz strike you: resourceful? compromiser? sincere? victim? under-achiever? half-hearted? Why?

3. Is God a “softy”, blessing the people while they commit the very sins Jehu shed blood to punish (verses 4 -6)?

4. With their depleted resources, how prepared for war is Israel (verse 7; compare 1 Kings 20:29)?

5. Is it easier to seek God when you are prospering or struggling?

6. Have things gone well for you in times of sin? Poorly in times of prayer?


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