Jehoash King of Israel; the Death of Elisha (2 Kings 13:10 – 25)

Scripture Text:

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2 Kings 13:10 – 25

1. As a child, did you enjoy the game “Simon Says”? How well were you able to do what Simon says?

2. Now who is always telling you what to do (correcting your grammar, redressing you, etc.)? How well do you do what she (or he) says?

3. This passage of Scripture weaves together 3 (or 4) stories. Can you find the connective word and “seam” verses tying one story to the other?

4. Does it sound like Jehoash listened to Elisha and the prophets (verses 10 and 11)? How must he be feeling as Elisha dies (verse 14)? What do you associate with this final exclamation (see 2 Kings 2:12)?

5. Why does the nation’s leading prophet even give an evil king two minutes of time, much less a word of encouragement (verses 15 – 17)? What happens when people touch hands, as Elisha does to Jehoash?

6. Why all the precise directives in this passage (east window . . . shoot . . .  take the arrows . . . strike the ground . . . five or six times)? Is he playing an ancient version of “Simon Says”? How can Elisha assure Jehoash of complete victory (verse 17) and then only a partial victory (verses 19 and 25)?

7. What effect do you suppose Elisha’s death, prophecy and bones bring to one and all?

8. How can Elisha’s bones have such power? Have you heard stories of miraculous relics of the Christian era? If so, share one.

9. How is your image of God challenged by these stories of miraculous power, fulfilled prophecy, wrath and mercy?


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