Amaziah King of Judah (2 Kings 14:1 – 22; 2 Chronicles 25)

Scripture Text:

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2 Kings 14:1 – 22

2 Chronicles 25

1. Do you tend to bite off more than you can chew, always testing your limits? Or do you regularly say no and withdraw from challenges that you know are beyond you? Cite an illustration.

2. If you had $1,000 to spend on anything you wanted, what would you buy?

3. Was Amaziah a practical politician? Power-hungry? Or one who means well? 

4. What is the chronicler’s assessment of Amaziah’s spirituality?

5. Why should Amaziah respect the Law on inheritance of punishment if his predecessors did not? What’s to be gained by respect for the Law?

6. How did Amaziah plan to add to his troops? At what cost?

7. How does Jehoash (King of Israel) try to keep the upstart king of the south (Amaziah) from causing any more trouble?

8. What message did the “man of God” bring to Amaziah?

9. Amaziah dismissed these extra troops, but what troubles him about doing so? What simple statement dismisses his worries? What was the consequence of hiring these mercenaries in the first place?

10. This question is related to Question #7. Do you think Jehoash was trying to avoid bloodshed or coaxing Amaziah into a fury by his response?

11. Could a proud king have just stayed at home after a reply like Jehoash sent?

12. From the evidence, does it appear that Amaziah’s assassination was a plot hatched by a few operatives, or supported by a large part of the people?

13. Amaziah aimed too high and ended up six feet under. As for you, is it better to aim high (and miss) or aim low (and hit)? How do you feel about failure?

14. How is success and failure measured? Should “success and failure” be done away with altogether?

15. In some respects, Amaziah had it coming to him. Is it generally okay to beat up on bullies? Why or why not?

16. Why is wholeheartedness so important to God? Isn’t a little faith better than no faith at all?

17. What traits of God (evident in today’s passages) comfort you? Alarm you?

18. How has your pride gotten you into Amaziah-like trouble in the last year?

19. What is pride? How much of a problem is it for you? What’s to be done about this?


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