Jonah’s Prayer (Jonah 2)

Scripture Text:

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Jonah 2

1. What was your favorite small hiding place as a child? How long could you stay there before you started feeling claustrophobic?

2. When have you ever felt your whole life passing before your eyes? What happened?

3. In the ebb and flow of your life last year, when were you at “low tide”? At “high tide”? Why the big mood swing?

4. What doe you see in this prayer? Thanksgiving? A call for help? Recommitment? Confession of hope?

5. What do you make of the fact that Jonah prays inside the fish and uses verbs in the past tense (as though God had already answered his prayer)?

6. While Jonah may be safe for the moment, how is he still in deep trouble? Where does he show assurance of deliverance in spite of appearances to the contrary (verses 4, 6, 7, 9)?

7. Compare verses 3 with chapter 1:15. How does Jonah view circumstances? God’s control? God’s purposes?

8. When have you felt like Jonah – far from God, enmeshed in a situation beyond your control? How then was your life brought up from the pit?

9. Where in your life are you desperate enough to pray with hope, as Jonah does?


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