Jonah Goes To Nineveh (Jonah 3)

Scripture Text:

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Jonah 3

1. What is the largest city you have ever visited at street level? How did you feel about the street people and their future?

2. How do you think Jonah felt as he headed toward Nineveh?

  • grateful to be alive
  • anxious to preach
  • afraid of what the Ninevites would do to him
  • afraid the Ninevites would repent

3. How would you describe Nineveh’s reaction to Jonah’s message?

  • radical
  • sincere
  • too little too late
  • appropriate
  • humble
  • just what Jonah feared
  • just what God wanted

4. What is your “Nineveh”?

  • an unfriendly place
  • an unpleasant emotion
  • a personal bondage
  • God’s call in my life

5. How do you feel when you know you have responded to God’s call?

  • free as a bird
  • deeply satisfied
  • relieved
  • close to God
  • still confused

6. Share a time when God gave you a second chance. Have you ever ignored God’s second chance? Why?

7. If God gave you “Mission Impossible”, 40 days after which the object of the mission would be destroyed, would you do it? Why or why not?

8. When would you consider “fasting” and “putting on a sackcloth”, as the Ninevites did? What is a “spiritual fast”?


One comment on “Jonah Goes To Nineveh (Jonah 3)

  1. Assyrians still live today in nineveh (capital of assyria that is in todays iraq). Actually assyrians was majority there and got province status in january but that was not inplemented just yet and now we assyrians have been massacred, deported by ISIS terrorists. Isis have now ockupied nineveh and the iraqi government are trying to defeat them so that we assyrians and other minorities who live in nineveh can go back. Assyria as a state fell a long time ago but ruins and artefacts from assyria are still in iraq that is the new map and where assyria was. Nineveh is still standing :). As an assyrian i feel that no one knows that we are still existing after 5000yrs and that we still live in nineveh (arab name today: mosul=nineveh, nineveh plain).

    Read this for more info:

    Take a rare glimpse into the lives of the Assyrians after the ISIS attacks in Iraq:
    Documentary “the last plight” by sargon saadi.

    The Assyrians – A people without rights:–The-Assyrians-A-People-Without-Rights–English.pdf
    Who are the Assyrians and what are the Nineveh Plains:

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