Israel’s Sin (Hosea 12)

Scripture Text:

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Hosea 12

1. What stories about your ancestors convey values (the values of thrift, completing your education, etc.)? Whom do you identify with most in your family tree?

2. How does Hosea picture Ephraim’s (Israel’s) dealings with Assyria and Egypt? What was Israel trying to do in her diplomacy with both powers (verse 1; see 2 Kings 17:3, 4)? What deceit was involved in these political dealings?

3. In making his case against Judah (and Israel), how does Hosea use the well-known stories about Jacob (verses 2 – 5; 12)?

4. What is the punch line of this history for Israel (verse 6)?

5. How is Israel (Ephraim) “self-deceived” and “deaf” to God’s overtures (verses 8 – 10)? What would “living in tents again” bring to mind?

6. What analogy is drawn in verses 12 and 13? Why refer to “a prophet” rather than naming Moses? What hope does this analogy give to Israel in her situation?

7. Does Hosea foresee any escape from God’s wrath (verse 14)? Is God rejecting, or fulfilling, His covenant (see Deuteronomy 4:25 – 31)?

8. Do you or your church try to live off your history or reputation in any way? How so?

9. Are Jacob’s tactics (clever alliances, self-reliance and lip-service to God) a part of your life at all? How so?

10. Jacob (after years of scheming) was finally changed by a direct encounter with God. How are you being changed by knowing Christ?

11. Do you think the rich have more problems being Christians than the poor? How?

12. How has God cared for you by disciplining you?

13. Is God calling attention to something new, but you are ignoring Him? What is it?



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