Amos and Amaziah (Amos 7:10 – 17)

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Amos 7:10 – 17

1. What did your father do for a living? What impact did that have on your development?

2. What are the most and least favorable jobs you have held?

3. How does Amaziah’s accusation (verses 10 and 11) compare with the Lord’s message given to Amos (chapter 5:27; chapter 7:9)?

4. Why would Amaziah want Amos out of Israel?

5. Why would Amaziah keep Amos from speaking God’s word when Amos’ office identified him as being a servant of the Lord?

6. What were Amos’ credentials to be a prophet? Would Amos rather be farming in Judah or prophesying in Israel?

7. Do you hear pity or anger in Amos’ voice as he utters the words of verse 17? Why?

8. How many ministers are in your church? What credentials (academic, spiritual, others) do you have to be in ministry?

9. If there is one thing out of the ordinary that God is calling you to do, what is it?



Locusts, Fire and a Plumb Line (Amos 7:1 – 9)

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Amos 7:1 – 9

1. Have you given testimony or spoken up in another’s defense? What happened? Was that easy or hard for you to do?

2. Who in your church (or small group) has any experience with swarming locusts, consuming fire or a plumb line?

3. What do the three visions of Amos have in common (verses 1 – 9)? How do they differ? Is the judgment conveyed here total? Partial? Universal? Inescapable? Exacting?

4. What do these three visions say about the purpose and character of God? Of Amos?

5. What would be unusual about a person from Judah speaking up on behalf of Israel? Do prayers for mercy change God’s mind (see Genesis 18)? Explain your answer.

6. Why would God relent on the first two judgments but not on the third? Why doesn’t Amos object to God’s action in the third?

7. When have you prayed, as Amos, “God, I beg you to stop”? How did God answer?


The LORD Abhors the Pride of Israel (Amos 6:8 – 14)

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Amos 6:8 – 14

1. What is one thing you said you would never do again, but ended up doing anyway?

2. What has the Lord sworn to do? Could He have expressed Himself any more strongly?

3. How extensive will the coming judgment be?

4. What futile activities did the people take pride in (verses 11 – 13)?

5. How did they turn “justice into poison” and “the fruit of righteousness into bitterness” (verse 12)?

6. Does the punishment fit the crime (verse 14)?

7. What is the difference between pride and confidence? How can you develop confidence without pride?

8. If you were the “Little Engine That Could”, what would you be saying about your life right now?

  • I don’t think I can
  • I think I can
  • I know I can
  • I thought I could

9. What “poisonous” or “bitter” place (verse 12) might be in your life today? How can it become just or fruitful?