Azariah (Uzziah), King of Judah (2 Kings 15:1 – 7; 2 Chronicles 26)

Scripture Text:

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2 Kings 15:1 – 7

2 Chronicles 26

1. What was your biggest concern at age 16?

2. What do you feel passionately about: the soil? the water? the stage? the mountains? the local sports team? Other?

3. What strengths and weaknesses do you see in Azariah (Uzziah), the teenage king? Points of weakness? Why does the chronicler rate him so highly (2 Chronicles 26:4), when he spends his later years under divine punishment?

4. Who contributes to Azariah’s (Uzziah’s) success and why?

5. What are this king’s accomplishments (2 Chronicles 6 – 15)? Which one stands out to you as a headliner for this king’s resume?

6. What happens to Azariah (Uzziah) midway through his life? Why do Judean kings seem to falter at the halfway mark?

7. Was Azariah’s (Uzziah’s) action (2 Chronicles 26:16 – 20) an innocent blunder? Why or why not?

8. What is the king’s punishment? Does God allow too little time for repentance? Is it fair?

9. The king not only became leprous but also had to leave the palace and was excluded from the temple. Even in death he was not restored to his former place of honor (2 Chronicles 26:23). What were the people of Judah to learn from this tragedy? Where can you see God’s mercy at work as well?

10. What happened the year Azariah (Uzziah) died (Isaiah 6:1)?

11. Is success oftentimes a danger to our relationship with God? What does Uzziah’s story say to you about this?

12. What consequences have you suffered from a foolish action that you later repented of? Where could you see God’s mercy at work in the situation?

13. Do you know anyone with a disability? Mental illness? Is God to blame?

14. Do you have problems that never go away? How do you cope?



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