Witnesses Summoned Against Israel (Amos 3)

Scripture Text:

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Amos 3

1. If you could choose one relative (living or dead) to spend a day with, who would it be? Why?

2. If your possessions make one statement about you, what do they say?

  • middle class
  • frugal
  • extravagant
  • misfit

3. Where would you enjoy having a winter house? A summer house?

4. Israel is called “family” and “chosen” (verses 1 and 2). What is implied by these names?

5. What is the purpose of Amos’ rhetorical questions in verses 3 – 6? What kind of answers is Amos expecting from these examples of cause and effect? Why is this a good method of preaching?

6. What moves Amos (or anyone else) to prophesy (verses 7 and 8; see also chapter 1:1 – 2)?

7. What do their households and furnishings tell you about the lifestyle of these people? What contemporary images does this bring to mind?

8. Pagan nations are summoned to be witnesses (verse 9). What would this reveal to Israel? To the pagan nations?

9. How could “chosen” people come to the point where “they do not know how to do right” (verse 10)?

10. The remains of an animal were often kept as evidence of the slaughter. The corner of the couch was the place of honor. How many will be rescued from God’s punishment? What social level is Amos talking about in verse 12?

11. If your behavior is going to cause you or others problems, how would you prefer to be warned?

  • face to face
  • by letter
  • by phone
  • in a support group

12. Do you think being a Christian will mean God is more lenient (or more severe) in speaking to you about your possessions?

13. How might you become more free from your possessions, so that might become more free with your possessions?

14. In terms of your life right now would you say:

  • I’m in the lion’s mouth.
  • I see the lion.
  • I just got out of the lion’s mouth.
  • I didn’t even know I was in the jungle.

15. God still snatches “burning sticks from the fire” (chapter 4:11). Are you one of the ones so blessed? Amos saw that his world would be on fire and in need of someone to rescue the perishing. Are you inclined to get involved in that life-saving effort?



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