Amos and Amaziah (Amos 7:10 – 17)

Scripture Text:

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Amos 7:10 – 17

1. What did your father do for a living? What impact did that have on your development?

2. What are the most and least favorable jobs you have held?

3. How does Amaziah’s accusation (verses 10 and 11) compare with the Lord’s message given to Amos (chapter 5:27; chapter 7:9)?

4. Why would Amaziah want Amos out of Israel?

5. Why would Amaziah keep Amos from speaking God’s word when Amos’ office identified him as being a servant of the Lord?

6. What were Amos’ credentials to be a prophet? Would Amos rather be farming in Judah or prophesying in Israel?

7. Do you hear pity or anger in Amos’ voice as he utters the words of verse 17? Why?

8. How many ministers are in your church? What credentials (academic, spiritual, others) do you have to be in ministry?

9. If there is one thing out of the ordinary that God is calling you to do, what is it?



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