Israel To Be Destroyed (Amos 9:1 – 10)

Scripture Text:

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Amos 9:1 – 10

1. Who do you admire for: (a) telling it like it is? (b) taking criticism and making positive improvements?

2. Do you prefer to face up to a problem and get it over with or do you tend to put it off as long as possible?

3. What is meant by Amos seeing the Lord “standing by the altar” and the temple sanctuary coming down on their heads (verse 1)?

4. How does this vision compare to the ones that precede it? Are things getting better? Staying the same? Getting worse?

5. How does this vision expand, confirm or contradict what you know of God?

6. Is the Exodus of no more significance than the migration of another peoples the world over? Or what does verse 7 imply?

7. What is the main message in verses 1 – 4?

  • it is useless to run from God
  • you can’t hide from God
  • sin marks you for life
  • God is out to get you
  • other: _________

8. If you were an original recipient of this prophecy, how would you feel?

  • haunted
  • hunted
  • trapped
  • terrified

9. Why would God not destroy all of Judah (verse 8)? How would Israelites know if they were one of the few not to be overtaken by disaster? What must life have been like for these shaken people?

10. Who would dare say, “disaster will not overtake or meet us” (verse 10)?

  • optimist club president
  • irrational sentimentalist
  • spiritually blind person
  • other: _________

11. How do you attempt to hide from God?

  • ignore certain pressing issues
  • skip church
  • keep on moving and don’t slow down
  • stop praying and reading the Bible
  • other: ___________

12. How do you accept critical news?

  • shoot the messenger
  • pull the covers over your head
  • grin and bear it
  • act on it
  • praise the Lord anyway



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