Israel’s Restoration (Amos 9:11 – 15)

Scripture Text:

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Amos 9:11 – 15

1. When it comes to gardening, do you have a green thumb or a brown one? How so?

2. When it comes to repairing broken relationships or growing new ones, are a green thumb or a brown?

3. To what does “in that day” and “David’s fallen tent” (verse 11) refer?

4. What promises does the Lord make (verses 11 – 15)?

5. What have the people endured to receive these promises (see Amos 4:6 – 11)?

6. How do the last words of Amos compare with his other words? Are these words in or out of character for Amos?

7. Do you think verse 15 has come true? If so, when?

8. When have you felt as though you were back in the promised land after a long exile?

9. Which area of your life needs a fresh touch of God’s spirit today?

10. In silent review and prayer, ask God to use Amos to reveal any sin that needs to be addressed in your life.



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