Zechariah, Shallum and Menahem: Kings of Israel (2 Kings 15:8 – 18)

Scripture Text:

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2 Kings 15:8 – 18

1. How do you get your news? Do you feel up-to-date or out-of-touch?

2. What could you learn in a month? A language? To swim? Job skills?

3. What surprise comes into Zechariah’s life (verse 8)? What are his choices?

4. Is Shallum guilty of murder or fulfilling prophecy (verses 11 and 12)?

5. What social conditions breed conspiracies? When is being in power dangerous? When is it relatively safe?

6. Does Shallum get his justice?

7. Is Zechariah’s career any admonition to stay abreast of current events? To pay attention to God’s word?

8. What hard choices confront you? From whom do you seek advice?

9. Do you always reap what you sow? When were you last on the receiving end of justice? When did you get off easy?



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