The Mountain of the Lord (Isaiah 2:1 – 5)

Scripture Text:

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Isaiah 2:1 – 5

1. In your family, who is the explorer? The warrior? Peacemaker? Idealist? Realist?

2. “The mountain of the Lord” refers to the site upon which the temple in Jerusalem was built (chapters 11:9; 24:23; 27:13, 56:6, 7). What picture does Isaiah envision?

3. Why are so many coming to the temple? What will God do for them?

4. What is meant by “the last days” (verse 2; see Acts 2:17; Hebrews 1:2)? Why does Isaiah call Judah to come to the temple at this time?

5. Which of your swords and spears (i. e., mean streak? angry outbursts? cutting tongue?) has God transformed into tools for peace?

6. What does the New Testament make of Isaiah’s vision? Did (or will) Jesus inaugurate this era of peace? If so, when will it be fulfilled?

7. How might this vision of God’s kingdom shape your hope? Prayers? Values?



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