Menahem and Pekahiah: Kings of Israel (2 Kings 15:17 – 26)

Scripture Text:

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2 Kings 15:17 – 26

1. What work around the house or on the job could you use 50 good men to do? Is the work mindless? Costly? Legal? Fun?

2. What is the purpose of military conquest (verses 19 and 20)?

3. Why should a desperado like Menahem stoop to such humiliating tactics to get rid of an enemy?

4. Who ends up footing the bill: the government? the wealthy? the little guy?

5. What hints do you see that despite Menahem, the country is enjoying prosperity?

6. Is Pekahiah done in because people are upset with his sinning (verses 23 – 25)?

7. What does the quick turnaround in kings say about life in Israel?

8. Is evil tolerable as long as the economy looks bright? Is it better to be poor and Christlike or comfortable and compromised? What gets you attention most – the bank balance or the word of God?

9. Does the Lord give you some wealth to help fend off evil? What is the purpose of your prosperity?



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