Pekah King of Israel; Jotham King of Judah (2 Kings 15:27 – 38)

Scripture Text:

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2 Kings 15:27 – 38

1. When you’re feeling real low, who can send you even lower: Spouse? Kids? School principal? Boss?

2. What happened the last time Assyria attacked (see chapter 15:19)?

3. With the national treasure empty, the army shoeless and the temple bare, what resource is left to extract (verse 29)?

4. What does Hoshea decide with Assyria advancing on Aram and Philistia (verse 30)?

5. Meanwhile in Judah, what does Jotham have going for him (verses 32 – 34)?

6. Who most likely destroyed the Upper Gate (see chapter 14:13)?

7. If Jotham is good and concerned about God’s temple, why does God send enemies (verse 37)? Is this author too quick to attribute every military maneuver to God?

8. Have you ever met a refugee? Who is responsible for aiding refugees?

9. How does the writer’s view of God’s involvement in human events affect your attitude toward developments on the world scene?



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