Isaiah’s Commission (Isaiah 6)

Scripture Text:

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Isaiah 6

1. When were you last called into the office of your chief principal or boss’s boss? What for? How did that affect you?

2. What volunteer ministries have you been involved with? How were you recruited?

3. If King Uzziah represents stability to Judah, what does his death mean? Why does God choose this time to reveal Himself to Isaiah?

4. Imagine you are Isaiah. What do you tell a friend about what you saw, heard, felt and smelled in verses 1 – 4?

5. What questions about God’s nature and purpose does this encounter raise for you?

6. What makes Isaiah despair for his life and confess his sin (verse 5; see also Exodus 20:19; 33:20)?

7. Animals were burned on the altar as a substitute for the death of the sinner. What is the significance of Isaiah’s lips being touched with a coal from this altar?

8. Compare Isaiah’s response in verse 8 with verse 5. What is significant about that?

9. What is Isaiah’s new mission (verses 9 and 10). What effect will it have on Judah? Is this what God wants to happen? Or an ironic statement of what God knows will happen?

10. What does “But” (verse 13b) signify? How does the stump in verse 13 relate to the Branch (chapter 4:2 – 6)?

11. How is your experience with God like Isaiah’s? Awestruck? Cleansed? Guilt-ridden? Are you willing to serve anywhere, anytime?

12. God’s holiness and universal reign awed Isaiah. Which of God’s attributes most impresses you? Why?

13. John 12:40, 41 relates this vision to Jesus. How is Jesus’ glory like the suffering and healing Isaiah saw?

14. Why has God sent you to your world?



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