Human Plans and God’s Plans (Micah 2:1 – 5)

Scripture Text:

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Micah 2:1 – 5

1. Have you received family heirlooms from other generations? How do you feel about such relics?

2. What do the idle rich plan day and night? With what result? Who are these idle rich: landowners? moneylenders? insurance agents? politicians?

3. How does God here demonstrate His concern for the poor and defrauded (compare 1 Kings 21)? Why does God respond to pride with taunts and traitors?

4. Does God’s justice (as portrayed here) disturb you? If so, how? Is God just in planning disaster (verses 3 – 5) against His people? How so?

5. What is the link between justice and other-centered humility? Between injustice and self-seeking pride?

6. Today, many people have lost property or possessions because of fraudulent or illegal schemes. When was something that belonged to you taken from you unjustly? How did you feel toward the person who took it?

7. If you were Micah’s hearers, would you feel envious? defrauded? proud? ridiculed? betrayed? humbled?

8. If you had no one “in the Lord’s assembly” (verse 5), what would you fear losing?



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