False Prophets (Micah 2:6 – 13)

Scripture Text:

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Micah 2:6 – 13

1. What most disturbs you? Raising taxes? Speaking for God? False, misleading advertising? Impersonations? Give an example.

2. In your experience, when is good news most appreciated and welcomed? Why?

3. How do false prophets try to silence Micah (verses 6 – 7a, 11)? Why?

4. What tones of voice do you hear in Micah’s response (verses 7b – 11)? Why this rhetoric? How would it be received?

5. What has made God’s people an “enemy” (verses 8 – 9)? What are they doing to themselves? How do you account for this? What is God’s response to people who are bent on self-destruction?

6. Are the people aware of their wrongdoing? Or do they see themselves as fairly pious? How so?

7. The oracle in verses 12 and 13 refers to a later time. Why do you suppose it was inserted into this context?

8. What is the good news here? Who is “their king”? How can God love the very people He judges?

9. Were you ever not believed when you were telling the truth? Why weren’t you believed?

10. Who in your world says, “you can have it all”? What is your honest reaction to such a sales pitch? If you were Micah, what would be your retort?

11. If God were showing wrath to you, how might He also be merciful?



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