Leaders and Prophets Rebuked (Micah 3)

Scripture Text:

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Micah 3

1. If the phone doesn’t ring, there is no mail for days and no one contacts you via social media, how would that make you feel?

2. Have you ever felt like the plug was pulled out of your life? How did you cope with the power failure?

3. Why is Micah doubly hard on these leaders? What three groups of leaders does he rebuke?

4. When someone calls another person a cannibal, what does that usually mean? Of what “cannibalistic”, self-serving concept of justice are these leaders guilty (verses 2, 3, and 5)? Why should they know better?

5. On what basis were they presuming God would rubber-stamp their unjust decisions? How does Micah feed hungry prophets their just desserts? What does the Lord’s silence look like? Sound like? Feel like?

6. How is Micah empowered by God and at odds with the state religion (verses 8 and 9)?

7. What misunderstanding of God (verse 11; see also Deuteronomy 16:18 – 20) distorts their prophecy and destroys the people (verses 9 – 12)?

8. What does this chapter imply about God’s expectations of those in your country and community who are entrusted with faithfully upholding justice for all? Are there any current legislators, executives or judges where you live who might fail by Micah’s standards?

9. What would Micah say today about those who carry on religious rituals or preach peace, yet oppress the poor?

10. What is the more popular notion of God today: wrathful or merciful? Why is that? How does Micah balance your image of God?

11. Have you ever felt like your prayers went no higher than the ceiling? How do you know God is there, especially when He is silent?

12. In response to earthquakes, terrorists, highway deaths, terminal disease, etc., people often say, “How can God allow this?” For what kinds of disasters do you lay the blame on civil leaders? On church leaders? On victims? Chance? God?



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