The LORD’s Plan (Micah 4:6 – 13)

Scripture Text:

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Micah 4:6 – 13

1. What do you like to gather, collect or assemble? What project have you recently completed with your children (or parents)?

2. What will the Lord do for the lame, the exiled and grief-stricken? What has happened to bring you to this point of need?

3. What is the “remnant” here (verse 7; see also Isaiah 10:20 – 23; Jeremiah 23:1 – 8)? What is the equivalent of that remnant today?

4. How is this future kingdom (verses 7 and 8) a comfort to those who would suffer the fall of Jerusalem (still 130 years in the future; 586 B. C.)? What comfort does that kingdom bring to those who suffer “now” (verse 11)?

5. The nations now gloating over Zion are in for a rude awakening. What? What don’t they understand about their role in God’s plan of punishment (verses 11 – 13: see also Isaiah 10:5 – 19)? What is to be the role of the remnant in this spiritual warfare?

6. What is your longest time away from home? How did you feel coming home?

7. Pain and joy are intermingled in birth (verse 10) and in the Christian life. How has this been true for you in the past year? How is hope in God’s kingdom helping you with a painful situation? Would you be a believer if it were not for pain? Why?

8. Who are the lame, the exiled and the grief-stricken where you live? With whom can you share this hope?

9. Would a country’s refusal to arm itself (as in chapter 4:3) increase it’s vulnerability or power (chapter 4:6 – 7a; 11 – 13)? Do you have faith to believe pacifism is God’s way for you? Enough to persuade others?



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