A Promised Ruler From Bethlehem (Micah 5:1 – 5)

Scripture Text:

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Micah 5:1 – 5

1. What good things have come to you in small packages?

2. Compare the hopelessness in verse 1 with the security and peace in verses 4 and 5. What does that contrast mean? Who (verse 2) makes the big difference? What will his reign of peace look like? Feel like?

3. Who is this ruler from Bethlehem: King David (1 Samuel 16:1 – 13)? Christ Jesus (Matthew 2:6)? Both? What will he do for his people?

4. How might such humble, ancient roots shape the way he rules?

5. What makes you feel like a besieged city, or a secure flock? What “rules” you in each case?

6. When have you seen despair give birth to hope? What “midwife” made the difference?

7. How far can and should a country go in relying on God’s Messiah as its only national defense?



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