Deliverance and Destruction (Micah 5:6 – 15)

Scripture Text:

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Micah 5:6 – 15

1. Complete this prayer, “Lord, deliver us from . . .” Why is that your chief concern?

2. What do you like about carpet, clothing or food remnants? What redemptive purpose can they serve?

3. How is the vision of universal peace (Micah 5:1 – 5a) like (and unlike) this picture (verses 5b – 9)?

4. The Assyrian invasion takes place in 587 B. C. How will the redemption of God’s remnant then take place (verses 6 – 9)?

5. While this prophecy refers primarily to the release of the captives in 538 B. C., to what future deliverance can this prophecy also point?

6. What will this restoration of the remnant look like? How can the remnant be both morning dew which refreshes (verse 7) and roaring lion which devours (verse 8)?

7. What does God have against horses, chariots, strongholds, witchcraft, carved images, cities and the like (verses 10 – 14)? What do they all have in common against God (verse 15)?

8.  In what sense is your church like a spiritual remnant? Remnant of what? How is it like dew? A lion?

9. What would Micah say about modern empire building in politics? In church life? Our superstitions, horoscopes and the occult?

10. What modern forms of rebellion and pride could you list beside the ones rebuked by Micah, to be destroyed by the Lord “in that day”?

11. What might God want to destroy in your life? Why that? Would God be both loving and just to perform that spiritual “cancer surgery”? How so?

12. To Micah, it was more important to be obedient (verse 15) than to be victorious. What does that way mean to our success-oriented society? How can you be sure you desire God, not success?



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