Israel’s Guilt and Punishment (Micah 6:9 – 16)

Scripture Text:

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Micah 6:9 – 16

1. Ever seen produce carefully weighed and packaged before your eyes? Describe such a store – its sights, sounds, smells and service.

2. Where do you do most of your shopping? Why there?

3. How is the “fear” of God’s name the source of wisdom (verse 9; see also Proverbs 1:7)? What does it mean to “heed the rod”?

4. How does God uphold the moral law (verses 10 – 16)?

5. How will God’s punishment fit the crime? Explain your answer.

  • sin afflicts undeserving victims
  • evil triumphs, but only for a day
  • others get the last laugh
  • God is a scrooge

6. What sins of Northern kings, Omri and Ahab, are imitated by those in the South (verse 16; see also 1 Kings 16:21 – 33)?

7. In God’s discipline of Israel, what view of sin does that encourage you to adopt? Knowing God loves you and hates your sin, how will you be weighed in the balance?

8. Where do you find dishonest traders today? Does the punishment still fit the crime? Is that as effective as in Micah’s day?



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