Israel’s Misery (Micah 7:1 – 7)

Scripture Text:

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Micah 7:1 – 7

1. What food do you crave, even now? When deprived of that, what are you like?

2. For what visitor will you clean your home: your employer? your parents? your neighbors? your first date? Explain your answer.

3. Who is Micah speaking for here in chapter 7: himself or the repentant remnant of Israel? Is he miserable (verse 1) or hopeful (verse 7)? Why do you think so? What is the figurative food he desires?

4. If God restrains sin, what happens when people block Him out of their lives (verses 2 – 6)? How bad does it get in government? In the streets? In the home?

5. Overcome by such misery, corruption and brokenness, what gives “me” (the repentant remnant) hope (verse 7)? What does “watching” and “waiting” for the Lord entail?

6. Where are you just now on the misery-hope index? Why? What spiritual hunger does that leave you with?

7. On a large-scale misery hope index, how would you rate your country compared to early Israel? Why that rating? What can be done about that?



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