Israel Will Rise (Micah 7:8 – 13)

Scripture Text:

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Micah 7:8 – 13

1. What helps you to see light at the end of the tunnel?

2. Who seems to be speaking in verses 8 – 10? In verses 11 – 13? What is each saying?

3. Why will the gloating nations feel shame instead (verse 10)?

4. What out-of-the-darkness and into-the-light experience does fallen Israel anticipate? How does this prove the mercy and justice of the Lord (verse 9)?

5. What world-wide “desolation” and “deeds” are expected (verse 13)?

6. How will this fix attention on spiritual Israel (verse 12)? Why will that mean wrath for some, but salvation for others?

7. How does God answer the enemy’s question in verse 10? When your enemy (or the Enemy) asks you the same, how do you answer? Based on what?

8. At what points do you identify with Israel and her enemies?

  • gloating over others
  • sitting in darkness
  • covered with shame
  • seeing righteousness prevail
  • trampled underfoot
  • secure in your salvation
  • extending your boundaries


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