Prayer and Praise (Micah 7:14 – 20)

Scripture Text:

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Micah 7:14 – 20

1. Can you communicate without using your hands? How well?

2. When was the last time you felt like the proverbial three monkeys: “see no evil” (hands over eyes), “hear no evil” (hands over ears) and “speak no evil” (hands over mouth)?

3. Which monkey are you like?

4. What restoration is here pictured for Israel’s (and your) prayer and praise? What picture of God do you see?

5. What is the basis in antiquity for these “wonders from God” (verse 15)? How will God confound the once proud, powerful nations (verses 16 and 17)? Can you see this happening today?

6. Which aspect of Micah’s God most endears Him to you? Which aspect of God might cause you and others to repent in fear? To rebel in anger?

7. From your study of Micah, do you believe God loves you because you are so good? Or because He is so good? Why?

8. From your study of this book, how could this prophet have such a clear understanding of grace and hold forth the greatest hope, if he had not also the most serious view of sin? How are these three concepts related in the Gospel you present to others?

9. What else have you appreciated from you study of Micah? How will you remain true to Micah’s God?

10. Is there anything about you which would inspire in outsiders a reverence and awe of your God (as in verses 16 and 17)? Why or why not?



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