God’s Judgment on Assyria (Isaiah 10:5 – 19)

Scripture Text:

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Isaiah 10:5 – 19

1. Who was the bully in your grade school, neighborhood or family who pushed you around with apparent impunity? How did you feel about that? Whatever became of that person?

2. What was God’s purpose in allowing Assyria to overrun Israel and Judah (verses 5 and 6; see also 7:17)?

3. The cities listed in verse 9 are all conquered by the Assyrian army en route to Jerusalem. What attitudes have these victories produced in the Assyrian leaders (verses 10 and 11)? Why do they think Jerusalem ought to be an easy victory? What does this show about their deep misunderstanding of the Lord?

4. Read aloud verses 13 and 14, accenting the tone of voice and attitude expressed in the many times “I” and “my” are used.What root problem does this reveal? According to the absurd picture in verse 15, what have they got backwards?

5. What is the Lord’s response to their pride? Compare verse 16 with chapter 37:36. What do you think happened here?

6. How is God both like a light and a fire (verses 16 – 19)? What truth about God is expressed in each idea?

7. When have you taken the credit for what was really God’s work and you were merely His instrument? How do you practice giving credit where credit is due? Would you rather judge or be judged? Why?

8. What are the “Assyrian armies” in which people today place their trust instead of God? How  have you seen that trust backfire in betrayal? Where are you now finding it easier to trust an “Assyrian army” rather than God?

9. Does God seem more like a guiding Light, or a consuming Fire to you right now? How so? When have you experienced Him in the other way? What have you learned about God from these experiences?



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