The Remnant of Israel (Isaiah 10:20 – 34)

Scripture Text:

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Isaiah 10:20 – 34

1. What remnants do you have more of in your home? Food? Carpets? Clothing? Other? What do you plan on doing with them?

2. What do you fear might happen on that “Day of Reckoning”? Job loss? Market crash? Marriage failure? Other? What is the basis for your fears?

3. Judah originally looked to Assyria to help them (2 Kings 16:7). What will result from this experience? What price is paid for this object lesson?

4. The “remnant” theme has appeared before (see Isaiah 1:9; 4:3; 6:13). How does this theme show both God’s judgment and His mercy? What attitudes characterize the “remnant of Israel”?

5. In verses 24 – 27, what hope does Isaiah provide for the people even before these events occur? How do the stories of Gideon (Judges 7) and Moses (Exodus 14:21ff) boost their hope?

6. Verses 28 – 32 recount an army’s hypothetical approach from a point about 10 miles north of Jerusalem. Substitute names of cities and towns 10 miles from where you are right now. How does this help you to understand what the author wants the people of Jerusalem to feel? To do?

7. What will God do to this army (verses 33 and 34)? How do you feel after God’s intervention?

8. Isaiah looked back to the stories of Moses and Gideon to provide hope for the people. What stories of God’s grace and deliverance – both Biblical and contemporary – can you look back upon to find hope in times when it is hard to trust God?

9. How many times have you seen God cut down an “Assyrian army” that threatened to overwhelm you? What “army” seems to breathing down your neck now?



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