Songs of Praise (Isaiah 12)

Scripture Text:

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Isaiah 12

1. How would you share good news with a loved one? Phone? Physical letter? Email or social media? Sing a song?

2. What is the best thing that happened to you last week?

3. How does this song of God’s deliverance from Assyria compare with the way Israel celebrated God’s deliverance from Egypt (see Exodus 15)?

4. How deeply does Israel respond to the Lord’s salvation in verses 1 – 3? In verses 4 – 6?

5. What is the real deliverance – of which Assyria is only an example – that God has in view here? What is the ultimate reason for Israel’s joy?

6. How well does your joy match your walk and your talk for God?

7. When have you most keenly felt God’s anger? God’s goodness?



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