A Prophecy Against Moab (Isaiah 15:1 – 16:13)

Scripture Text:

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Isaiah 15:1 – 16:13

1. If you had to flee on foot from your home tonight because of the sudden invasion of an alien force, what three things would you grab to take with you? Why those three?

2. From what have you seen of modern refugee, what strikes you about their lot?

3. Ar, Kir, Dibon, Nebo, Medeba, Heshbon, Elealeh and Jahaz are all cities or mountains in Moab, a country to the immediate east of Judah. What do you imagine Isaiah foresees happening to these places that accounts for such wailing and mourning (Isaiah 15:1 – 4)?

4. What do you imagine the scene was like for these refugees fleeing the warfare in Moab (15:5 – 8)? What do they look like? What are they carrying? What are they feeling? What future prospects do they have (15:9)?

5. Sending lambs to a ruler was a common sign of submission to his authority. To whom are the Moabites to send these lambs (Isaiah 16:1 – 4a)? What need prompts them to do so?What is their request of Judah?

6. What hope is held out to them (16:4b – 5)? How is this related to the prophecy in Isaiah 11:1 – 5?

7. From God’s perspective, what is the reason for Moab’s destruction? What does it tell you about God that He (through Isaiah), weeps over their destruction even as He ordains it to occur (16:9 – 11)?

8. Why is it futile for the Moabites to go to their “high place” or “shrine” (16:12) in Dibon, where they worshiped the god Chemosh (see 44:17 – 20)?

9. From 16:13 and 14, this prophecy may be dated about 714 B. C. (three years before Moab was destroyed). Since Judah would be tempted to look to Moab as an ally against Assyria,  what would God desire them to learn from this prophecy?

10. What part of your world suffers most because of political chaos and war? When you hear of the oppression and suffering people experience due to these situations, what do you feel? Say? Do? How do you think God responds to such misery?

11. Isaiah held out the Messiah as the only real hope for his hearers and reader. In what way is the reign of Jesus Christ the only real hope for people suffering in the world? How does His rule serve as a model for how believers ought to respond now toward the poor, the homeless and the hungry?

12. In what ways might “today’s necessities” become “tomorrow’s luxuries”? What is a false god you once trusted in? How did that god serve only to wear you out? How does that compare for the King described in Isaiah 16:5?



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