Hezekiah Purifies the Temple (2 Chronicles 29)

Scripture Text:

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2 Chronicles 29

Perhaps there is hope after all. Now in full control, King Hezekiah will accomplish the most far-reaching religious reforms since the days of Jehoshaphat. As you will read today and next week, he works primarily through the Levites (who have more zeal than do the priests). And in a grand gesture of brotherhood, Hezekiah will offer to include the people of the northern tribes in Passover celebrations. Most will refuse the invitation, but some will join in the spiritual renewal.

1. What is your favorite speed sport?

  • car racing
  • downhill skiing
  • horse racing
  • sailing
  • ice hockey

2. Which of the following most needs to be cleaned out right now?

  • your garage
  • your purse or billfold
  • your clothes closet
  • your vehicle
  • your refrigerator

3. Your first official act as president or prime minister of your country would be . . .?

4. How is King Hezekiah introduced to the reader in verses 1 and 2? Given his father’s reign (Ahaz), why is this introduction significant?

5. What actions did Hezekiah take in the very first month of his reign? Why did he take these seemingly hasty actions? What does this say about Hezekiah’s priorities as king?

6. How did the Levites and priests respond to Hezekiah’s orders? Why do you think they were so eager to follow the king’s directions?

7. After the Temple has been purified, it needed to be rededicated to the Lord. What role did each of the following play in that rededication: the city officials? the priests? the Levites? the whole assembly? the king? In which of these roles would you have felt most comfortable?

8. What is the “order of worship” in verses 27 – 31 for the rededication ceremony? Why is each part important for worship?

9. What was the response of the people to the reopening of the Temple? What problem did this cause? The remedy? Who is being indirectly criticized for lack of leadership here?

10. In the final analysis, who was really responsible for reopening the Temple? Why is this important for us?

11. What do you learn from this chapter about Hezekiah’s character? His leadership? Is there anything you see in him that you would like in your own life?

12. Hezekiah seems to link “right worship” with God’s blessing. Do you agree? What evidence would you give from your own life, pro or con?

13. What is God leading you to rededicate to Him? How might these elements of the rededication service outlined here be reflected in what you do? Why not do so right now?



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