Hezekiah Celebrates the Passover (2 Chronicles 30:1 – 31:1)

Scripture Text:

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2 Chronicles 30:1 – 31:1

1. When it comes to large get-togethers, which do you tend to avoid (and why)?

  • reunions
  • block parties
  • church socials
  • patriotic celebrations

2. What was the most important letter you ever received?

3. If you had no limits, where would you spend two weeks on holiday?

4. The second major act of King Hezekiah is to re institute the Passover (Exodus 12:1 – 28). Whom did he invite to come and celebrate the Passover? How?

5. In Hezekiah’s invitations to the Passover (verses 6 – 9), what did he ask the people to do? What were his reasons (positive and negative)? Does he sound unduly harsh?

6. What were the various responses to Hezekiah’s proclamation? Why the differences? Pride? Politics? Or what?

7. How did “the very large crowd assembled in Jerusalem” prepare for the feast? What effect did this have on the priests and Levites? What was wrong with those religious leaders?

8. Where were the rules “bent” in order for many to celebrate the Passover? Why was Hezekiah so confident that this deviation from the Law was okay with God? Do you see a similar line of thought in Psalm 51:10 – 19?

9. What’s the overall tone of this revived Passover celebration? How did Hezekiah keep the festival going for the first week? For the second week? Who does Hezekiah remind you of in the history of Israel?

10. What were some of the remarkable results of this Passover celebration in Jerusalem? In Judah? In Israel? Were these responses just emotional froth, or motivated by a new desire to obey the Lord?

11. If you had been an Israelite in Hezekiah’s time, what would have moved you to travel to Jerusalem for the Passover? What would have impressed you the most about it?

12. Is it okay to “bend” some of the rules to include people in your church or group? Which ones?

13. What ritual meal in the New Testament takes the place of the Passover for us? How could this chapter help us to better celebrate that meal?

14. In what ways are modern missionaries like Hezekiah’s couriers? How are the responses to their messages like Jesus’ parable in Mark 4: 1 – 9?



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